About us

Established in 2007, Mavana Air Support manages the provision of engineering services for helicopter and fixed wing operators, primarily the repair and overhaul of aircraft components and the sourcing and supply of aircraft components and spare parts. Mavana Air Support partners with customers and suppliers to ensure customers receive a more cost effective and timely solution than could be achieved elsewhere, reducing the downtime of aircraft.

With over 30 years of combined experience in both the global fixed wing and helicopter industries, Mr. Rhys Chamberlain, Operations Director and Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and Mr. Leigh Cheyne, Director of Sales and Marketing, lead a team that prides itself on first-hand industry experience and technical expertise blended with a genuine commitment to providing responsive and reliable customer service.

Mavana Air Support offers customers three key service areas:

-                 Management of repair, overhaul and exchange services;

-                 Source and supply of spare parts and components;

-                 Lease of aircraft and components.

Mavana Air Support takes a practical approach and includes common sense programs, among them the Fee-Free Exchange Program and Turn Time Guarantee.

Both programs are exclusive to Mavana Air Support and have been designed to minimize expense while maximizing efficiency and convenience.

Please contact us at either our Miami, USA office or Brisbane, Australia office for more information.

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